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Dear customer,

It's necessary to package the hashboard very carefully. We can not repair if the PIN on hashboard is lost because of the shipping problem. 

Please refer to the link below for the detailed steps about how to pack the hash board properly.

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eavp • #1 • 2016-08-26 20:08:07

Bitmain's Refused From S9 Warranty,


I have 23 x Antminer S9.

11 pieces Antminer S9 are from Batch1, because I have three bitmain accounts. (purchase limit was 5 pieces per account)

One of the S9 miners is only empty shell, because from the 4 miners one hashboards  are now shipped to repair. Total 4 pieces.
Three of them have already been repaired, but one which I sent to Bitmain from other account with only few purchases, Bitmain refused to repair.

The reason is - PIN is lost in circuits board.
No one here could  explain what it means.

I paid for that f miner 4 BTC shipped + 20% VAT
I do not agree,  that Bitmain refuses from its warranty obligations. I've met all warranty instructions.

1. My shipment was packed with a lot better than the Bitmain manual provides

The board was in a static envelope, wrapped with a lot of bubble wrap and all placed in big strong carton.
All  six sides empty seats in the box were filled with ultrafill granul.

2. The box is so large that to obtain such an injury  by courier company, he must have external injuries.
I have exactly with the same type of package sent three more blades to repair. Separate packs for different times. The same courier company, without any issue.

3. At what stage of sending the injury occurred ?
 As it turns out, Bitmain is sent  all hashboards from Hong Kong Warehouse forth to repair workshop.
See answer from Customer Service-Overseas August 18, 2016 12:15

The package has been delivered to Hongkong.
It will take several days for Customs clearance, after which the package will be forwarded to our repair facility. We will update you on the status of the repair ticket when it has been completed.

4. Whether the injury might occur during repair. With overheated thermal glue radiators may easily come off.  If too much thermal glue has been placed, they may bring something else from hashbord with glue and radiator.

5. Are the fallen radiators  frequent problem with S9 hashblades ? Yes.  This is one of the reasons for the repair and if it has happened, it must be written  before shipping in  this formular.  
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