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In order for us to locate the package with your returned parts there needs to be a Repair ticket. Without the repair ticket, we cannot proceed with the repair.


How to create repair ticket?


1.     Please copy the address as below into your web browser.

And enter your username and password to login. If you don’t have a Bitmain account. Please click “Sign Up” to create one.

2.     After login, you will enter the page to create a repair ticket.

l  Make sure you are on the English operation page;

l  Click the blue button “Create Repair Ticket”

l  Always click the button “Apply for Repair” to create a repair ticket!!!

l  Fill the information of your package. Incorrect package information will delay your repair.

l  Select the name of your defective component. Fill in the original order ID and actual quantity.

l  Important: Remember to save each line after edit.

l  Fill in your exact and valid address. This is the address to which your repaired part will be delivered.

l  Read BITMAIN After-Sales Service Terms carefully, click “Accept” and Submit to create a ticket.

3.     After submitting, you will see a page as below, which means that you have created a ticket successfully. The status of the ticket should be “Uncollected”.


How to revise a repair ticket?

4.     Click the button “View”, you can view the information of your ticket. Before we confirm the ticket, the user is allowed to revise the ticket as below.

Note: Make sure the information in your Repair Ticket matches the actual information that you shipped back, or it will delay the repair. 


Before you create the repair ticket,


1. Please read the Guidance for repair as below carefully.


2. Please pack the defective parts well and ship them back to the address as below.

How to pack the hash board:


Consignee: (The package will be rejected if there is no "Bitmain";)


Name: Runze Zhou/Chunfeng Hu(Bitmain)

Company Name: Hong Kong Shanghai Maitrox Services Limited

Add: Room G,25F,Block 1,Vigor Industrial Building,No.49-53 Ta Chuen Ping Street,Kwai Chung,NT,Hong Kong

Tel: +852-39960709 (The number is only available for logistics, not for service)


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admin_58400 • #1 • 2016-09-07 19:32:07

What's the Postal Code for that in-warranty address?

MiguelRomero • #2 • 2016-12-14 17:37:15

What's the Postal Code for that in-warranty address?

Postal Code 999077

klengelma • #3 • 2017-03-02 16:49:00

Could you be more clear as to what informatin to put in "Consignee"?


wcastro • #4 • 2017-04-12 14:50:31

Regards! The system does not allow me to perform the repair ticket, it indicates that I already exise, but this is an error because there is no registered ticket, what can I do?

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