[ANN]CONNECT-An open source P2P encrypted messaging & onchain bitcoin wallet APP

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My name is Rob. Product Manager of Connect.im. Today,I have the honour to introduce a new product that developed by our team. Named Connect.IM

What is CONNECT ?

Connect is an open source point-to-point encrypted instant messaging APP.

You can use CONNECT to send texts, voices, pictures, videos and even Bitcoin.
In both one-on-one chat and group chat, all the messages including text, picture, voices, video, etc. are sent via the shared key encryption negotiated by both sides of the chat.

Any third party other than the both sides including the server can't decrypt the messages.


What make Connect secure?

As known as bitcoin, if there is no private key, then no one can steal your bitcoins.
Similarly, user’s ID of Connect are generated based on BTC algorithm, if there is no private key, then no one can not steal the messages of the chat.

Connect uses advanced and open-source symmetric encryption algorithms to secure both parties' information and the communication between the client and the server, and anyone can authenticate.

The end-to-end encrypted communication between both sides of the session as well as the encrypted communication between client-side and server uses the key negotiation method to make double layer encryption, with the steps as below:

1. Session initiator_A use the agreed ECC (elliptic curve cryptography) locally to generate a pair of key(Public_key_A,Private_key_A) and a 512-bit random number salt, and send the random number “saltA” and “Public_key_A” to receiver_B after AES256-GCM encrypted

2  The receiver_B receives “PublicKey_A” and “saltA” after decrypt. then use the same ECC (elliptic curve cryptography) generate a pair of key(Public_Key_B,Private_Key_b) and a 512-bit random number salt, and send the random number “saltB” and “Public_key_B” to initiator_A after AES256-GCM encrypted.

3 Initiator_A get “saltB” and “Public_key_B”. Then both initiator_A and receiver_B get ECDH_Key

ECDH_Key = ECDH(PrivateKey_A, PublicKey_B) = ECDH(PrivateKey_B, PublicKey_A)

4 Then the PBKDF2key expansion algorithm to obtain the negotiated key "K" by ECDH_KEY and random number salts of both sides.

 Shared_key = PBKDF2(HMAC-SHA512, ecdhKey, saltA^saltB, pow(2, n), 256) ,(n=12)

5 The key agreement is completed, and both sides of the AB erase their session key pairs from their respective memory. (ECDH_Key,PublicKey_A,PublicKey_B)

6 Sessions following, both sides of the AB encrypt and decrypt messages using 256bit Shared_key and AES-256-GCM algorithm.

7. The negotiated key is updated when a new session is created each time.

The encrypted communication channel established by the above process ensures that communication contents are not leaked under the condition that the network flow is completely monitored. Even if the private key of server-side is mastered by the monitor, the monitor can't decrypt the actual communication contents () according to the private key of server and all network flows, and even can't know the person who is logged in or the side to whom the messages are sent. So this solution has the nature of forward secrecy because the session key pair will be erased by both sides from their respective memories after completion of negotiation.

Why do we need CONNECT?

Different from other instant messaging tools provided by other Internet giants, Connect offers a higher level of security and privacy  protection.

It protects your chatting contents from being eavesdropped by any third party such as employers and government.

It protects your personal data such as telephone numbers and friends from being utilized by any third party such as marketing personnel and advertisers.  

Considering "PRISM" scandal as well as multiple network fraud cases caused by information leakage, each of us should defending "freedom of speech" and "personal privacy”.

So Connect is suitable for everyone.


Why Connect APP contain bitcoin wallet?

First, user’s ID of Connect are generated based on BTC algorithm, and the user system is established based on decentralized BTC blockchain network.

So, Connect APP itself can be used as Bitcoin Wallet.

As a decentralized financial network which do not rely on any institution or government, Bitcoin is highly consistent with the product philosophy of "Connect". Connect doesn't wish users' data to be monitored by any institution.

It is greatly convenient for BTC users to use the interactive mode based on social network and chat session to realize BTC transfers.You don’t have to remember the bitcoin address of your friends.Instead that transferring the bitcoins is as simple as sending a message.

[size=16pt][b]It is onchain or offchain bitcoin wallet? It is security?[/b][/size]

Because the private key of user is stored in the device locally, and each BTC transaction should be made by the private key signature of the user, this is a onchain wallet.The server does not store the user's private key, ensuring that the user can fully control their own funds.

But in many cases, users are easy to lose their private key. We provide a compromise, users can bind their mobile phone, after verified, set a password for encrypted private key and backup on server, server does not store user’s password. Even if the phone is lost, user can use password decrypt and recovery the private key after new phone verified.

If the user has doubts, can also choose “Generate a local account”, keeping private key by oneself com fully.


[size=16pt][b]Transfer bitcoin as simple as sending a message[/b][/size]

Transfer bitcoin as simple as sending a message. You don’t have to ask your friend’s bitcoin address in other way. Send bitcoin or payment request in the chat window just like sending a message.

You can sent bitcoin link via other IM APP such as "Whatsapp" "Messabfer" "Wechat". your friend who got this link would got bitcoin ofter install Connect APP.

[size=16pt][b]What is Lucky Packet?[/b][/size]

Lucky packet is a kind of function sending BTC to your friends as a gift.

Your friends won't know the BTC quantity they have obtained untill after opening the red envelope. In the group chat, the BTC quantity in each lucky packet is randomly generated.

You can send lucky packet in chat or send a lucky packet link via other IM APP such as "Whatsapp" "Messanger" “Wechat".

[b]Get bitcoin lucky packet free![/b]

All new user in march- Dec 2017 and bind phone will get a random lucky packet (0.001-0.01)

All user write a review and rated on Apple App Store or Google Play, Post screenshot form “Connect-Setting-Help-Feeback”,will get one bitcoin lucky packet (0.001 BTC)

Send 50 bitcoin lucky packets and update link  everyday on bitcointalk and facebook

Click here get bitcoin lucky packets!!

Group Sponsor Program

We welcome the community developers, entrepreneurs and project operators to build your own group via Connect, and we are going to sponsor 1-2BTC to each group depends on the group activity level.  Apply for the group BTC sponsor, please add me as a friend firstly and invite me join your group.

Connect me: 18187F2AvfMRe9SrWL52z3PRqGzoEa75EF

Connect to HashNest English Group

How to install?

Website: https://www.connect.im/

iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/app/connect-p2p-encrypted-instant/id1181365735

Android : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=connect.im


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TrollboxTerrorist • #1 • 2017-03-11 08:33:24

What's the point of releasing an APP that doesn't work? I was on it yesterday, (took me about 4 times to verify phone number) and it disconnected after like 3 hours, never to connect again.

All new user in march- Dec 2017 and bind phone will get a random lucky packet (0.001-0.01) <<< You get no choice but to "bind"/verify your phone number but I only got 0.00046 from a LuckyPacket where was my 0.001-0.01

All user write a review and rated on Apple App Store or Google Play, Post screenshot form “Connect-Setting-Help-Feeback”,will get one bitcoin lucky packet (0.001 BTC) << How much do I get for posting screenshots saying it doesnt work?

Click here get bitcoin lucky packets!! <<< The connect APP has been saying "Receiving" for the past 25minutes .... doesn't work

Opensource? .... Maybe SOON™?


bitmain_24803 • #2 • 2017-03-11 09:07:02

I wonder. most Opensource projects ask for donations.

But making a app free and even give away money?

Also its to hard to let everyone switch platform anayway.


Telegram and Slack can be used on Phone and Browser.

Let us us a app that noone uses and only runs on phone isnt going to work.

Cu all on Telegram and Slack.


dmolina101 • #3 • 2017-05-30 02:53:10

When i tried to join to hashnest-spanish group it give me this response


What are you supposed to put?
alifnovaldi94 • #4 • 2017-06-23 23:59:26

how to join the group chat ?

vaveepula • #5 • 2017-06-24 02:06:33

sms don't send to me I can't login ang register now 

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