My Antminer S9 3rd ASIC card stopped working

AntMiner • S5+ • alfonsoteran86 • Posted 2017-03-16 04:30:30 • Read 589 times

Hi guys, I would really appreciate if you can help me out. 

I have updated it my Antminer S9 with the new firmware and everything started to go bad. For some reason, after running advance ip my antminer conection was inactive. The Antminer was running well (with 3 ASIC cards with red light working well) After I reset for 5 seconds the Antminer, it slow down (reset) and after 2 min only 2 ASIC cards were on. I tried rebooting the antminer to see if the 3rd ASIC card will turn on, I changed the cords and also changed the cord from the controller but for some reason the 3rd ASIC card never got on. 


If it is dead, dont you think it will show on my miner status as xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx ??

What would you do?


Please help !!



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