Fan speed goes up to 100% and down again repetitious.

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Hello there.

I just bought me two new Antminers s9- 13Th/s and 13.5 Th/s. (3 machines in total)
The info on all the miners status seems normal, kernel version and hardware version is up to date,
temperatures looks quite normal (80-85 degrees), Connected to a working pool (2 machines to slushes pool + 1 machine to Antpool).

And here is the problem: When i connected my new machines they run fine a day or two, then one of the 2 new machines (either one of them) start to increase the fan speed to 100% immediately, after a few seconds it goes down to normal state, then 20 seconds later it goes up again.

This repeats itself until i reboot the machine. It looks normally on miner status (except fan speed of course which is 100% at the time)

Sometimes it takes longer between those speed regulation the fan does for some wierd reason.

this did not happen when I only had one machine.


1: I have tried to set the antminers to static ip which give them a fixed IP address. (Altso on my modem) can it be something with the network that makes them like this??

2: The green led ligth on the rigth side of the network cable occasionally blinking constantly on 2 of 3 machines, while on my first antminer it blinks like many times, then dark 1-2 seconds, then many blink again like it normally should do. Yellow ligth on the left side on the internett cable holds a constant ligth on all 3 machines. Is all this normal??

3: I have not yet tried to reset antminer to factory settings.


I apologize in advance if this was a little difficult to understand but hope someone that is better then me out there can help me wih this and who have experienced the same problem as me.


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Scott • #1 • 2017-05-16 11:09:32

Did you ever find a solution?  I see your message is 2 months old without a response. 

One of my S9's has the same issue.  The temp's are good.  I have 5 other miners in the room.  All report same temperature range.  Only 1 miner has the fan issue.  The miner with fan issue hashes properly and at correct hash rate.  But my miners are close enough to my office that I can hear when the fans speed up to 100%, especially the front fan which spins at 6000 RPM.  


I would like the option to set the fans to a fixed speed percentage, like we could with S7 and many prior models.   (Please Bitmain, if you read this, please add a fixed fan speed option to the S9's.)

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