Troubleshooting for PSU Problems Official

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The following methods apply to problems of APW3, APW3 +, APW5.

1. The fan does not spin, no 12V output

Reason: The AC side of the power supply is not properly powered.


  1. Check whether the AC input line is normal and the both ends of the plug are not loose.
  2. Check whether the grid has electricity and the voltage is normal.


2. The fan is spinning normally, no 12V output


  1. The grid voltage is low
  2. Power supply protection


  1. Using a multimeter to check whether the current voltage is above 205V, so as to ensure that the PSU can start.
  2. Check whether the PSU has output short circuit or overload phenomenon, in which cases, the PSU will get into a locked state to protect itself.

          After troubleshooting, power off for 10 minutes and re-power it, the PSU can be restored.


3. The PSU stops for a few seconds and after back to work for a few minutes, it stops again, and this happens repeatedly

Reason: High temperature protection of the PSU


  1. Check whether the fan is spinning (if the fan does not spin, please send back the PSU for repair)
  2. Check whether the cooling air duct of the PSU is blocked (open to clean up)
  3. Check whether there is dirt in the PSU for long-term usage. (open to clean up)
  4. Check whether the output of the PSU or the ambient temperature exceeds the data in the power limit curve (caused by high temperature or overload)


4. The output of the PSU is normal, but the fan does not spin.

Reason: Bad fan


  1. Check whether the fan is blocked by debris (open to clean up)
  2. Bad Fan (return for repair)


5. The PSU suddenly has no output, and cannot start

Reason: The PSU has an overcurrent protection

Solution: Check whether the load current is instantaneously over the upper limit of the over-current protection, and the PSU gets into the locked state. To prevent fire or other dangerous situations when the load is abnormal, and PSU continues to work. Replace a good PSU to test, and after replacing, if the miner work normally, please ship the broken PSU back for repair. If you change the PSU, it still has the same problem. Please repair the miner.

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