L3, L3 + Control Board Program Recovery Official

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Use the SD card to restore the miner’s program, and this method only applies to L3, L3 + miner.

Applicable Issues:

  1. the miner is power-off in the upgrading process.
  2. The miner can not start (can not find IP).
  3. The miner can only use the default factory pitman.


  1. computer with Windows XP system or above
  2. card reader
  3. 16G or TF (Micro SD) memory card with less storage
  4. Download the miner’s firmware to computer in advance

          L3 Firmware download address: https://cnshop.bitmain.com/support.htm?pid=00720170427061423393MzhoyF8d06F6

          L3 + firmware download address: https://cnshop.bitmain.com/support.htm?pid=0072017042706354248975UNDh65062D

      5. Download the TF card required program, please extract after download

          L3 TF card program download address: http://blog.bitmain.com/cn/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/L3motherprogram.zip

          L3 + TF card program download address:  http://blog.bitmain.com/cn/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/L3motherprogram2017.04.19.zip


The preparatory work has been completed and the next steps are divided into three parts:


First, Copy the program


  1. Install the TF card on the card reader, connected to the computer
  2. Format the TF card, as FAT32
  3. Copy the extracted file to the SD card, and take out the TF card.


        Note: Copy the file in the following picture and paste it in the root directory of TF card, and do not paste it in the folder of TF card!


Second, Insert SD card into the miner

  1. Insert TF card into the control board, and then power on the miner


       2. After the miner automatically acquire the IP address and begin to work, power off the miner and remove TF card (press hard the TF, it will pop out).     


Third, Upgrade the firmware

  1. Power on the miner again and upgrade firmware without keeping the old configuration and after finishing upgrading, please reconfigure the miner.

          How to upgrade the firmware : https://cnforum.bitmain.com/bbs/topics/2694

      2. Enter miner’s backstage, check whether it works normally, and if not, ship the control board back for repair.

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