How to unlock your wallet address? How to restore your deleted litecoin sub-account ? Official

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If you want to unlock your wallet address or restore your deleted litecoin sub-account, please go to our Zendesk support

system:  and submit a ticket to us.

You need provide your sub-account name and the following information.

1. A clear picture of an official photo identifications. This is usually a driver's license or passport, but can be any government issued picture ID.
2. A picture of you holding the identification.


The security of your Antpool account is something we take very seriously, for your protection. For that reason we require this confirmation of your identity before we make changes to your account access.

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antnew • #1 • 2017-08-20 14:33:14

Hello. I can't log in to your account. My login "anaconda", address: [email protected] . What to do?

coutinho.coin • #2 • 2017-09-15 13:05:12
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