Wallet never got the depo from Jaxx

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hanksharpe • #1 • 2017-08-28 17:06:50

I've tried using Jaxx, while it's convenient to transform the cryptos from one form to another, I noticed it charges hefty amount fees doing so as well as transferring. good thing I only tested with low amount of value, but I would suggest stay away from Jaxx if possible unless you absolutely must use it.

I also did some brief search regarding Jaxx dissapearing your amount, it seems like a common issues. Try googling yourself, hope you'll find your solution. Fortunately I didn't lose any of my cryptos, but I lost almost 40% of it's value from transforming, and transferring. not worth it in my opinion, I would seek another solution if I were you.

I apologize I didn't provide any solutions, but I believe I provided a valuable advice.


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