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  1. Temps of the L3+ is different from previous miners, since there are four kinds of temps. What does each of them stand for?


Temp(PCB): is the board, “I” is the board intake temp, “O” is the chip outlet temp.

Temp (Chip): is the chips, “I” is the chip temp on the board's intake side, “O” is the chip temp on the board's outlet side.

  1. What’s the range of these temps of the miner?

Answer: We suggest the temp range of miner should keep within 25-80, and usually, it will be 40-70.


  1. The temp of the miner only shows two, is it normal?

Answer: Yes, it is normal. In order to check the temp more convenient, the temp of hash board will be cancelled, only the temp of chips will be shown in latter miners. The board will only show the temperature of “O”, and the temperature of “I” will all be 0, which is normal.

  1. Which temp of the miner should I focus on?

Answer: Temp (Chip) is most important, because it is air outlet temp of the miner. It will lead to high temperature protection, if this temp over 80.

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