My order unpaid and expired

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Some one can help me? Admin please procesed my order

why my order with the order number0012017090504372 Unpaid and Expired status

when my invoice with the number00120170905044690012017090504033status is already paying and Validwhen I make simultaneous payments at the same Bank
this is my payment receipt (proof of transaction ):
1. Order ID 0012017090504372 Unpaid and Expired status
2. Order ID 0012017090504469 Paying and Valid
3 Order ID 0012017090504033 Paying and Valid

Please immediately change my status to PAID.

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Dream On.

didy.imers • #2 • 2017-09-21 06:41:41


yes. my payment is all full payment, today value but i dont know my transaction only 1 status expired and unpaid. i have 3 invoice and only one invoce status expired and i confirmation from my bank my transaction all is successfull.

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