Bitmain Stop producing Antminer D3, S9 and D3+ ? Fabric close ?

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Bitmain Stop producing Antminer  D3, S9 and D3+ ?  

All of them are Sold Out at Site and there is no products for sale. 

Any problem at manufacturing plant on China ? 

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hanksharpe • #1 • 2017-09-21 20:15:48

wasn't D3 on sale two days ago? you probably missed it. demand is still high. if you missed the inventory within an hour, you won't get it. • #2 • 2017-09-21 21:20:30

Do not panic.

Antminer S9 was on sale 14 hours ago. I bought 2x6 pc.

Antrouter R1-LTC was on sale 10 hours ago. I bought 2 and 5 pc.  (gifts for Christmas )


Last week were on sale Antminer D3 and Antminer L3+ (i bought 3xL3+  at this terrible price 2280 USD per miner.)



D3+ has never been sold by Bitmain. Only scammers have offered D3+ miners.

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