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please check and Confirm the transfer for the order number:
Order ID:0012017091806564 Order ID:0012017091806424


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You've misunderstood how things are going. Nobody confirm the transfer payid,  an order before the money is actually in the Bitmain account.

Foreign transfer takes time. On a weekend, nothing moves with this transfer. It's likely that the money has not left your bank, or has arrived in a correspondent bank.

If you did not make an fast transfer or express transfer, which are faster and more expensive. Normal foreign transfer takes 3-5 business days.
So there is a big chance that your money will not arrive at the right time..
It's been written on the email with order :

Please make the payment ASAP so we can receive and verify it within 7 days. If we do not receive your payment within 7 days, your order may be cancelled.

The bank is always unpredictable. Why did you pay for your order only on Friday afternoon? Love lotteries ?

You are always a loser here. Bitmain sells your miners to someone else . And if you are lucky, then in a few weeks you will get your money in the Bitmain account as a prepayment




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