Sell 7 x Antminer S9 incl. PSU December Batch

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Hello Guys

Im selling total 7 Antminer S9 incl. PSU. Someone interested?

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You need a time machine.

I got my first 11 X Antminer S9 over a year ago and I'm paying $ 2100 a piece.

Delivery Time: 2016-06-01


You have to find someone very stupidwho agrees to pay for December Batch order more, than $ 1310 which is already overkill from Bitmain.

They have sold  so much Antminer S9  in several batches last year, that they do not even know about themselves, which batch it is.



johnhoangho • #2 • 2017-09-26 09:39:46


I would like to buy the 7 S9 from you please.

email [email protected] skype jho1408

Thanks • #3 • 2017-09-26 10:06:12


I would like to buy the 7 S9 from you please.

email [email protected] skype jho1408



New batch of Antminer S9 at 2PM here () & of Antminer D3 at 5PM here () today (26 Sep, GMT+8).


robcarl.carlos • #4 • 2017-09-26 10:40:55

Special offer from Bitmain partner ( )
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