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Hi Bitmain, 

I have placed an order for an ANTMINER L3+ plus APW3++ Power supply as a combination in the month of july and it's supposed to get shipped by september as it was showing in the order status at that time.

But now the issue is that we cannot see the order status as the software is showing no buttons for user center where we can check the order status. 
So I don't know what's happening with my order, is it shipped or not ? 
Besdies i have tried to reach you via sending a mail on customer support i.e. [email protected] and hence received no response since the past 10 days. 
Kindly let me know what's happening with my order as i have no clue what shall i do next ? 
Order ID is : 0012017070800685
and the transaction got completed successfully. 
Please reply here as soon as possible and there's something wrong with the software too ! 
Sahil Arora

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249436 • #1 • 2017-09-26 19:06:00

Be happy that there is at all one company that manufactures and sells miners for home user.

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