Sharing my experience, paying with USD WIRE via JPMorgan CHASE - missing 5.00/USD

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Good morning everyone ...  I'm sharing my experience so that others can try to avoid some of the headaches on wire transfers to BITMAIN.  I am in the United States, and bank with JPMorgan CHASE.  I have places 3 different order over the last 45 days with BITMAIN, and I have got to the bottom of the "mystery missing 5.00/USD", at least when it comes to wire transfers from CHASE.

Apparently, when you wire money from CHASE to BITMAIN, the receiving bank has a 5.00/USD fee that is charged on incoming wire transfers.  This is specific to JPMorgan CHASE.  Different banks are charged differently.  Unfortunately, there is no way for you to know ahead of time what, if any, fee is going to be charged from the receives bank from your incoming wire.

If you have paid wire transfer, and are seeing you are 5.00/USD short, and you are banking at CHASE, then you are sharing my experience.

I have heard a few other posts where BITMAIN posts a 5.00/USD discount to your order after you are opening tickets, showing you paid, etc, etc ...  I fixed my problem by sending a 2nd wire transfer of 10.00/USD to bitmain, under the same order number.  The next day the payment posted and the order was marked "Paid, Unshipped, Valid".

In the following 2 orders I have placed now with BITMAIN, in both cases, I have sent 5.00/USD extra on top of whatever the order is.  My last orders were both for 8933.51, and I sent a wire transfer of 8938.51 each time, and within 48 hours, the payment posts as 8933.51 and the status is fully paid.

Ulimately, the problem is BITMAIN wants YOU THE BUYER to cover any fees, which they tell you to "pay all fees" but the problem here is that the receiving bank doesn't tell the sending bank what the fees are, thus you have no way to pay them at the time you initiate the wire transfer.  Just make sure whatever the fee is, (in the case of CHASE, it's 5.00/USD) that you tack that on to the wire when you send.  You'll have no issues if you do it at that time.

Again, YYMV, but I'm trying to help you all out so you don't have to panic and wonder if BITMAIN is a SCAM.  I can tell you BITMAIN, while hard to communicate with, is defintiely not a scam.  They have always delivered, and fully support their products.  I've had to send a S9 in for service, sent it to the USA repair center, and had it back within 12 days total from the day I shipped to to them.




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249436 • #1 • 2017-09-28 17:37:50

It is not receiving bank problem or 5USD fee. This is a fee from  some transit bank.

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