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Recently we received a lot of requests about the account lock issue with below screenshot:

Here we'd like to give you the solution for such a case if you encounter:

1. If you got such page when you try to login, because your account email is not activiated.

2. Please go to the sign up page to click 'not receive the email', system will send you the confirmation email, please click the link to activate your email. The email may be filtered to junk/spam which you need to check.

If you can't receive the email after all trying, please contact us at    [email protected] 

3. You will be asked to bind a phone number after activated your email successfully. 

select your country code and input the phone number, click 'send sms', when sms is received on your phone, input it in 'sms code' frame, then click 'create account'. so far registeration is completed.

If there's already a phone bind with your account, system will not ask you to bind again and you are ready to use your account then.

Please note your phone will not be sent the sms code in below cases:

1. Landline number or virtual number
2. The user activated the blacklisting feature which allows them not to receive broadcast traffic
3. The phone is disconnected or bad signal coverage or in roaming status


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