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  1. Download the software: Among the list of the documents, please choose the 2.71 version of eth&etc miners. Inside of that software, you will find 2 types of 7.4 GPU and 9.5 GPU versions. 7.4 version has a stable hash, with a small fluctuation, however the speed might be slightly lower than the version for 9.5 GPU one, dual mining hash rate is low, as well as the power consumption. Version for 9.5 GPU has a higher fluctuation, however the hash is bigger than 7.4 one, as well as dual mining hash rate and the power consumption.
  2. Application for wallet address: We suggest to apply for HuobiPro wallet in Click to the relevant coin type and apply. After entering the website, and finding a relevant coin type, please click to charge, and the website would refer you to the link as:

 0xd136299352f080f9bf4e20102cea3d9fefacd079 (ETC address), this link is your wallet address.

  1. Mining software:

Double-click to run the software


If you have chosen to mine ETH only, then click ETH in Coin bar, choose Ant in Pool bar, and Wallet bar, please write your own ETH address.



If you have chosen to mine ETC only, then click ETC in Coin bar, choose Ant in Pool bar, and Wallet bar, please write your own ETC address.




Dual-mining configuration, click dual-mining settings, choose dual-mining coin types, choose dual-mining pool, enter your wallet address, and done.  




After the configurations are set, please click to Start the mining. If the blue colored words appear showing hash rate numbers, it means the mining has started.


  1. Check real-time hash rate, revenue, and payment records at:

ETH: Wallet address

ETC: Wallet address


  1. Settings

Bottom left corner may run automatically, open automatic running settings.



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